December 11, 2018

Sajad Farooq : A budding writer, Down the momory lane

Sajad Farooq Rather a law student from Kangan Ganderbal successfully completed one year of writing. On 10 December 2017 Sajad’s First Article on Human Rights Violation was published at International level after the publication of first Article Sajad’s second article regarding tourism was published in Brighter Kashmir. Step by step sajad Farooq Rather started to write for various papers and magazines, newspapers and magazines which include, Kashmir Observer, Kashmir Horizon, Kashmir Images, Kashmir Pen, Brighter Kashmir , Counter ( National Magazine), Kashmir Scan, Kashmir Leader and Legal Desire Magazine.
Sajad wrote about various contamporary issues and topics which include Tourism, human Rights Violation, Against Strikes, Development, Sexual Harassment and ways to eradicate and Child vows and Indian constitution. Sajad Farooq is also an Activist working for the awareness of legal rights by organizing programs and events regarding the rights of woman and children.
Sajad Farooq Rather has attended several conferences both at state and national forum, which gave him insight of various issues .Recently Sajad was selected for “ BALI ASIA INTERNATIONAL MODEL UNITED NATIONS” which going to held in Indonesia in March 2019. Sajad Farooq along with his team visited Juvenile centre Srinagar several times to speak there on rights of juveniles. Sajad has also been part of State Legal Service Authority (SLSA) & District Legal Service Authority (DLSA) .He often Campaigns for legal aid awareness programs.
Being a student law , sajad has written near about 40 articles so far .Most of the articles are regarding law and society. . Sajad said “From typewriters to desktops to laptops to netbooks to iPads to smart phones; seems as though you can write on virtually any device today. Yet, I sometimes prefer the old standby—pen & paper. There is something powerful about the simplicity of writing with pen & paper, a pen, the ultimate writing instrument, glides across the page freeing your mind to, well, speak its mind.” Sajad believes that thousands of students have the art of writing, they can be good writers but they lack the guidance from seniors.

(The author is a freelancer. Views are his own)

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