Sat. May 25th, 2019

“I Join Hands In Front Of You, Come Back ” Mother Of 14 Yr Old Militant

Hajin: A teenager, Mudasir Ahmad (14) of Mir Mohalla of Ikhwan bastion village Hajin of North Kashmir’s Bandipora district has reportedly joined the insurgent ranks.
Mudasir , a student of class 9th of a government school hajin, was missing from he evening of August 31. “He told me that he is going to play cricket in a nearby playground, and I readily say yes, as it was his daily routine to play with his friends. Evening fall but Mudasir didn’t returned home, I went in search of Mudasir, asked his friends about him but he was not with them. I took few of my neighbours with me and searched in the whole town, but there were no evidence of presence of Mudasir”Mudasir’s father.
The very next day of Mudasir’s missing, another friend of him went missing from the same area. This made the family of Mudasir and other residents worried for those youngsters.
“Mudasir’s friend also went missing on another day. We were shocked , we started searching for both the youngsters in Bandipora and adjacent areas.” Mudasir’s father added.
Mudasir’s family filed a police complaint in search of his son. But unfortunately eve police was unable to trace Mudasir. Family was losing hope and were in dismay.
The story turned and family got a picture of Mudasir Ahmed that went viral on social networking sites holding an AK-47 rifle and a knife , reportedly joined a militant outfit. Though the outfit was not known yet and police officials also said that the photo is two.montha old.
Mudasir has a family of six members, a sister, a handicapped brother, an old grandmother, lives under a single Tin shed room, with attached washroom, kitchen and restroom.
Mehmoona, sister of Mudasir still can’t believe that how his sincere and obedient brother can choose the path of violence.
“He was very obedient and sincere towards me. He always used to stay at home, how can he take such step. Neighbour’s son came to show me Mudasir’s picture, I fell unconscious for a minute.”Mehmoona.
Mudasir’s mother is pleading at every door for her son. She was the youngest in his family. His deed has left us all in a shock. Mudasir’s mother is a heart patient and his father’s got 15 stitches. His brother is also handicapped, mudasir was his only hoe for a better future , but now Mudasir’s family is findibg themselves helpless. Through Mudasir’s mother Fareeda pleaded his son to get back to her.
“I request you son, your mother is folding hands in front of you to please come back home. I have not seen you from last past three months, my eyes are searching for a glimpse of yours.” Mudasir’s mother Fareeda
She pleaded her son and told “even beard was not grown on his face, we are in deep shock, I am dying to have a glimpse of my son.” The wail of youngsters leaving home luxuries and joining militancy rank continues.


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