Pen defeated democracy

Youth of Kashmir are very disappointed what Government has to offer for them. Policy based on harder means, is derailing youth of Kashmir towards armed movement, which we’ve been seeing from around 30 years. Instead of bringing them on table of understanding, freedom, and love they’re leaving no stone unturned in enhancing that alienation. The killing of Manan Wani has raised series of questions, why are highly educated youth taking violence as their path? This should be an eye opener for all of those who would arrogantly state that, there is no issue like Kashmir or it is confined to some districts. As a matter of common knowledge, one who can differentiate what is right, and what is wrong will never take take everything into his hands, people like Manan Wani give us clear indication that something is wrong with the present system. He was as pro as he can be. This joining of youth in armed struggle will never stop, unless and until there will be no reform in the system. Above all, solution of Kashmir issue is the thing, that GOI should really keeping in their perspective.

Youth are not failing, it is system that is failing our youth

Kashmir has everything from great scholars to educationists. One cannot keep them out of the equation. But, young people like Manan Wani who was intellectually well developed, emotionally well stabled, aesthetically refined are posing a great challenge for prevailing of democratic process in Kashmir. With the killing of every militant, they’re defeating us, again, and again defeating democracy believers in Kashmir. The fact lies in this thing, that they are leaving their prestigious professions for this armed struggle. This drastically and dramatically rate has to be stopped. Otherwise we will lose everything, and consequences will be disastrous. One cannot neglect the role of youth in shaping a nation in various aspects like political, economic, and social. If, youth of Kashmir are terming Burhan as their Robin hood, then this signal must be a point of seeing the present circumstances in the valley.
Srinagar recently recorded lost ever turnout in the history. It is only beacuse of the conditions which are presently at ground zero. His death is not by any means, a moral victory for security forces or GOI, beacuse, his killing will give huge boost to rejoining of youth in militancy. Just like post Burhan we saw. GOI should end their denialism culture, and have to accept that their muscular policy has totally failed to win the hearts of the people of Kashmir especially youth. With the funeral of every militant, one can sense funeral of democracy in Kashmir. There are various factors responsible for this. The root cause of the problem is, indeed Kashmir issue. It is that time when GOI should’ve been more reasonable, and should be in such a way to solve Kashmir through peaceful means, and meaningful dialogue. But nothing is working, as people of Kashmir believe, that measures taken by GOI are based on principles of promise, and so on. To conclude, I can only state that ” Youth are not failing, it is system that is failing our youth- Like they say”.
(The author is a content writer and regularly writes for “Kashmir Horizon”. Views are his own)

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