Rapes And Molestations In India

Surprising and intriguing it is getting for all of us to view the present mirror image of India. The incidents coming in public leave everyone astonish and queer.It needs an emotionless life to analyse the incidents of India.
Starting with the gang rape of goat no one in the world could believe this disgraceful and wrecked act. The incident happened in the northern state of India (Harayan). About eight person robbed a goat from her farm shed and then gang raped her ruthlessly and recklessly. After few hours the unfortunate goat left this unfortunate world. Following the incident police arrested the accused and registered FIR against them. Two among them were arrested on spot and for rest search is going on.
Coming to the next incident
A girl in greater Noida was raped by clergyman. If priests have lost their regulations in sacred destinations, how can one point his finger towards liquors or alcoholics? The tale does not stop here. An athlete player in Chennai found herself unsafe and left the games and India for the same reasons.
Rapes, molestations and sexual assaults have become a routine in India. Every hour in India spares with gang rapes, molestations and compelled sexual acts. The happenings of these incidents have awe strucked fear in the whole Country. Every girl rather every female gender living in India feels unsafe, uncomfortable and restless all the time. These happenings also pave obstructions and restrictions on to foreign folks for visiting India. These happenings have roamed India from the sovereign nation to the most fragile and feeble nation. Fragile in the sense because these crimes, murders and guilts and tragics are not meeting a solution for a long time now. Even if every rape sparks protests and triggers public anger then questions arises why do these happen again and again that too within less time. Or where does the fault lies. It can be attributed to
1.False and fake working of media
National media has touched the peak of stupidness and foolishness. They are engaged and entangled in highlighting the newes of politicans, businessmen, actors, sports players. Their services have become so costly and in other sense so fragile to reach and meet the happenings of below poverty line people. They are involved in masking the loots, robberies and corruptions of ministers. They are working like their paid organisations and services.
National media is regarded as a gun of country to tackle and highlight the nity gritty and damn squib changes in country. The National media is equivalent and synonymous with the heart of the human being to meet and reach the rough and smooth or positive or negative frameworks of country.
The accused after performing the act of rape is roaming freely and absconding from the scene in most of the cases. There are evidences on ground proposing the support of high standard people to these culprits. One comes from Kathua where a minor was ruthlessly first raped and then strangled to death. People protested against the incident but an MLA from BJP protested and demanded for guilts and release of these false outs from these culprits.
This is the significant and most remarkable version of theory responsible for continued and uninterrupted performance of rapes.
The people need to ponder on ground realities and sentiments. In fact everyone among us should implement and employ steps towards the reduction of these incidents. Every chap need to do it’s part like a responsible citizen of country. Every local or high organisation need to work collaboratively to tackle with these culprits and their gurus.
3.Mindset manifestation and ban on liquors.
It would have been better and imperative to introduce “Swach Bharat Brain Mission”rather then the program of Swach Bharat Mission. Whence the brain and mindset of people will get restored, everyone will feel the importance and values of different programs and services of country. For effective and efficient solutions to these incidents, ban and suspensions should be imposed on liquors. Nobody should be allowed to drink or sell alcohol.

(The author is a freelancer. His views are personal)

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