Fri. Jun 21st, 2019

Our Responsibilities Towards Women

Living in this part of the world is also complicated for the female gender as I used to believe was not . No doubt we live in the so called digital world and every thing is just a single touch away but not the same for women folk who still have to walk miles to fetch a bucket of water .Everybody is aware of the difficulties women face both in ruler and as well as urban areas .Domestic violence is a crime and we should encourage every women about how to get against the evil and learn to defend herself morally as well as socially. I personally want every women to raise voice against domestic violence of all forms and manifestation.Last month I was travelling from Pahalgam to Islamabad and somewhere during my journey I met father of a girl who was ruthlessly beaten by his son in law when attacked by mob of three brothers and his nose was seriously injured forcing him to undergo a surgery . On hearing his painful tale I was deeply shocked and the tragedy narrator was sitting behind me with his daughter and both of them were in pain and sorrow.
I was so angry and was cursing myself for not being in a position to do anything for the victims at that time . We should learn a lesson from these painful tales as Kashmir is not known for this. We have to change as a society and have to refrain from these social evils . In one of his sayings Prophet Muhammad (SAW) says ‘a women should not be even hit with flowers and those who do such things are not among us’ .So our great leader Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has taught us how to behave with women and how to respect them . We as men should also feel the pain of women and handle them with care .Today’s world is unfortunately full of hatred, pain and sorrow and everybody wants to be the symbol of love and passion .Sometimes we come across huge difficulties in our lives but that time we should not lose our cool and particularly when we have to deal with the women .Statistics has shown that in the recent past domestic violence has increased in this part of the world. Situation demands that we work together to bring down the increasing intensity of domestic violence and decorate our heaven with the smiles of women as smile is the language of love and passion .

(The author is a freelance writer. His views are personal)


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