Fri. Jun 21st, 2019

Agony in Kashmir

Kashmir has been always in ‘Discourse’.This time hundreds of thousands of people of Kashmir marched and stood up for Aasifa’s cause-An eight year Muslim nomadic girl,who was drugged,raped and murdered by few Hindus in Kuthua District of Jammu and Kashmir.It is believed that it was pre-planned to divide the people of Jammu and Kashmir on Communal bases.It has been communalized as well as politicised.This incident has shattered all the dreams of her family as well as consciousness of the people overall the globe and has posed questions about minorities,their rights and so on.Unfortunate part of the incident is ‘when Rapists are being sheilded under the garb of Tri Ranga Yatra’.Though rape is a heinous crime.It does not matter,where it has done or by whom?
In 2012 , it was Nirbhaya Rape Case of Delhi.In 2017,it was Unnao Rape Case of Uttar Pradesh.Now it is Asifa of Kuthua, Jammu and Kashmir.We have many such cases on daily basis,but what is the response of Government to curb the rape crimes. The people marching in the streets want a change in ‘Rape Laws’.In India Cow is to be believed more safer than Women.On one side Government is promoting women education and empowerment but on the other side it has failed to protect the women dignity,Everyone is aware about the probes and investigations-which many of the times failed,Now people want the ‘Savage’ men ‘to be hanged in public’.The outrage screams outward,the tears seek government stamp on papers,the pain demands spectacle as a slave.
As the culprits are under arrest,The infamous hatred towards the government of Jammu and Kashmir is on the rise.It has gained momentum from last few days,The escalation and involment of the students in every nuke and corner of the valley can be seen. In every state of disruption,there arise a question on Governance.The clashes between Government forces and Students has been always horrific ones.Students must organise protests within the campuses to register their protest and authorities should restraint from revoking the students.
In 2017, Forces entered into Government Degree College Pulwama and thus paved a way to engage students in that very cause.Hundrends of students have been injured from last couple of days.Remember,In 2016- when Burhan Wani was killed by Government forces followed by an uprising.In 2018-It is Asifa who has played same role to unite the people for the same cause.Government should take non violent measures to undo the future uprising.
Here I want to bring some points in public notice-People are aware about the daily happenings and about the previous probes that has resulted in null and void.There are many cases like that of Kunan-Poshpora of 1991,when Unit of Indian Army raped 150 girls and women and nearly 200 men were tortured,The Shopian rape and murder case,where the young women Asiya and Nelofer were abducted,raped and murdered,No enquiry,probe or investigation have proved right to execute the culprits.
From old times Rape is used as an ‘instrument’ of war.Here things are relevant too,To win the Margin of seats in 2019 election of Jammu and Kashmir-Asifa became the ‘sacrificial goat’ of the communal politics.
Tailpiece: The mis-governance of Jammu and Kashmir coalition Government-PDP and BJP have added the oil to the fuel and unfortunately fails to stop the ongoing turmoil.Thus PDP has lost its relevance in the eyes people of Muslim dominated Kashmir,thus posed a challenge to other political parties in next election which is to be held in 2019. The execution of Aasifa’s Rapists will help to ease the ongoing agony towards the political system of India in General and of Kashmir in Particular.

(The author is pursuing P. G In International relations (peace and conflict studies) at Islamic University Of Science and Technology,Awantipora Kashmir. His views are personal)


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