February 28, 2018

‘Kashmirs living miserable life in military presence’, Says Geelani

Srinagar: Kashmir is in the grip of political turmoil and violence has become a daily occurrence”, said Syed Ali Geelani.
Jammu and Kashmir is a highly militarized zone of the world and in presence of 7.5 lakh Indian forces and Ikhwan like renegades, the people are living a miserable life and under constant threat, said Syed Ali Geelani.
He was speaking at “Three-day Kashmir Conference” hosted by National University of Modern Languages, Islam Abad Pakistan.
In his inaugural speech to dignitaries, intellectuals, politicians, renowned academicians, scholars, students, journalists present in a three-day Kashmir conference, Syed Ali Geelani blaming India for its deception and trampling all ethics, said instead following the partition plan of 1947, they under its expansion designs invaded Junagarh and Hyderabad and forcibly landed its forces in Kashmir.
Addressing the session, Geelani briefed the participants about his observations regarding the socio-economic and political changes taking place in the region, saying that in 1938 Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah under the influence of Congress transformed Muslim conference into National Conference and added that it was the unholy nexus between then British rulers and fanatical Hindu’s that out of 589 states, people of J&K were denied right to choose their political destiny.
Declaring so-called instrument of Maharaja, a fraud, Geelani said that he was fleeing from state and had no legitimate right of accession, hence stand null and void.
Syed Ali Geelani blaming India authorities for backtracking said that they have given their commitment to the people of Kashmir. It was India and not Pakistan which took the case to the UN, and added that the people of J&K would be given the right to self-determination. That resolution was accepted by both India and Pakistan and the world community is witness to it, added he.
Addressing the dignitaries, Geelani said that Indian authorities are desperate to change narrative of Kashmir issue and disclosing the nefarious designs of New Delhi said that people in occupied state are facing horrendous situations, un-proportionate military might, detentions and unabated killings.
Geelani in his addressed expressed his gratitude for organizing conference and said, that it is encouraging that intellectuals from all corners of world feel our pain and added that we are suffering since past 70 years because of unfulfilled promise which was pledged to us. Briefing the participants of the conference, Geelani said that Kashmir issue is the unfinished agenda and as per partition plan and we were never asked to avail opportunity to decide our political destiny.
Referring to the present situation with respect to gross violation of human rights at the hands of Indian occupation forces, Geelani said that denial of civil and political liberties has become alarming and grim. The indiscriminate use of lethal weapons, killing, loot, plunder and sexual assault on women has become a routine matter. People are mercilessly killed, maimed arrested, blinded, bruised and molestation of woman is used as a war weapon by Indian occupation forces. In this grim situation the life, honor and property of the people has become vulnerable and human rights bodies are not allowed to take notice of this.
Lashing at new Delhi. Geelani said that Indian leaders stand exposed for their designs to alter and tamper the demographic status of state and added that they are hatching conspiracies to settle non-Kashmiri Hindus and refugees from west Pakistan in Kashmir valley so that Muslims are reduced to a minority and added that even facilitating labours, ex-servicemen, employees and beggars to settle in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
Blaming India for waging a cultural aggression against people in state, Syed Ali Geelani said that authorities are encouraging religious pilgrimage Hindus, establishing Army Goodwill Schools in border areas, neglecting Urdu and introducing Hindi and Sadbhavana tours. It is part of their devilish game, said Geelani, saying that it is aimed at to dilute Kashmir issue.
People are being killed, maimed, caged, prisoners shifted to outside state, political space denied and even authorities are not allowing us to offer religious obligations on Fridayand Eid festivals, said Geelani, while addressing the conference.
While referring to the statement of Indian army chief, wherein he has said that youth in state instead of pelleting stone should take to gun, saying it is just to justify mass killing in state.
Since past eight years I am under house arrest and authorities are denying any political space, Geelani said. Blaming India for prevailing uncertainty in state, Geelani said they are pushing youth to wall, to justify killing, loot and arson in state.
Geelani deplored that New Delhi and said that had never been sincere in resolving the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the Kashmiris’ aspirations through peaceful means, saying that the international community was cognisant of the fact that the people of Kashmir were engaged in a peaceful struggle to secure their inalienable right to self-determination. He said that no one would be allowed to sabotage the liberation movement, which would be taken to its logical conclusion despite all odds.

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