February 24, 2018

An Open Letter to CM & Education Minister, J&K

Respected CM & Edu Minister
With high reverences, I write this letter to you with the hope to get your serious attention towards the eight years long unfilled demand of the people of Hajin Tehsil. Yes, I talk about historically well-known Hajin Tehsil commonly known as the land of scholars and philosophers. Indeed, the land is very fertile and has produced towering personalities like Prof. Mohi-ud-din Hajini, Abdul Khaliq Bhat (Gayoor), Wahab Paray Hajini, Muhammad Khar and many others. Moreover, the Hajin Tehsil has also produced few Sahitya Academy Awardee who without a grain of doubt, have contributed a lot towards the literature, art and education of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.
As we all know that in the present tech- savvy era education acts as radar and playing a very crucial role for the overall development of an individual in particular and the society in general. It is true that an educated individual builds good ethics, sensible morality, outstanding behavior and an effective and collective responsibility. It is only an education that makes a person disciplined (socially, politically and economically), thoughtful and a man to develop new horizons and parallels in the field of science and technology, economics, engineering and more importantly develops a socio-political behavior of a society.
Respected CM & Edu Minister, before I would touch the main theme of my letter, I need to remind you that I’m sure you didn’t forget the Awami Darbar which was conducted by You at Bandipora on December 3rd last year, where the peoples delegation from Hajin Tehsil had mentioned a Degree College issue in a meeting with you . Let me tell you, the Degree College issue is one of the prolonged and genuine demands of the people of Hajin Tehsil. The Tehsil is consisting of more than 25 villages and the population is above one lac. Most of the population of theses villages is below poverty line but despite the shackles of poverty the students of these areas are intelligent and competent ones. Therefore, to give more power to their wings they urgently need a well advanced Government Degree College at Tehsil headquarter Hajin so that they would carry their further studies in different fields and compete with other students at state and national level exams. I’m sure if the present Government of Jammu and Kashmir would establish/allot one of a modern type Degree College in this “uncovered educational zone” the students of the area would bring laurels in near future to state of Jammu and Kashmir.
However, the announcement of new (17) Government Degree Colleges is the fresh boost to education sector of the state besides there are 97 Degree Colleges already operating across the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Keeping in view, the announcement of these new establishment of Government Degree Colleges across the state to cover the “uncovered educational zones” under the umbrella of higher education there is a much need to establish one of a Degree college in Hajin Tehsil (an uncovered zone) that doubtlessly would help hundreds of students of the area who on daily bases walk miles of kilometers, sometimes they are being caught between the political complexities of the state.
There are 20 higher secondary’s and 47 middle schools in Hajin Tehsil. Here, I find it worth to tell you that there is an immense contribution from the Hajin Tehsil as hundreds of teachers, dozens of Professors and Lecturers working in the different fields of education sector of the state. Furthermore, we have dozens of research scholars presently working in different State and Central Universities of India, including the University of Kashmir, Central University of Kashmir, Central University of Hyderabad, Aligarh Muslim University, Jamia Millia Islamia and Jawahar Lal Nehru University Delhi. Therefore, keeping in view the mammoth contribution in the Education system of state from the Hajin Tehsil, the area deserves and needs a Government Degree College.
However, it is pertinent to say, that it was previous coalition led Government in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. According to their abilities they did well in the state of J&K but unfortunately the same Government didn’t acknowledge the historically well known Hajin Tehsil. Although, a notice regarding for the establishment of Government Degree College was published/sanctioned in favor of Hajin area with vide (Government order no: 386. Hr.Edu. of 2014) not only this even a well decorated board was prepared for “Degree College Hajin” but unfortunately the genuine demand of the people of Hajin Tehsil is still lingering and remains unfilled till date.
Respected CM & Edu Minister, I believe it is high time for the Present Government of J and K to do justifiable governance and fulfill the long pending demand of the people of Hajin Tehsil. I hope this time there should not be any kind of discrimination on political grounds rather the present Government of Jammu and Kashmir should acknowledge the mistake of the former coalition led Government and act accordingly so that the justice will be served to people of Hajin Tehsil who without an iota of doubt deserves a Government Degree College in the area.
I solicit your personal attention.
With respectful regards
Thank you.
Javeed Bin Nabi hails from Hajin Tehsil.

(The author is a freelancer. His views are personal)

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