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The selective We

The outbrust of indignation in response to the little Zainab’s rape and murder are indicative of hypocritical this regional community , which selectively mourns the Zainab’s rape and murder whilst bluntly ignoring equally horrendous rape and murder of little Asifa in jammu division of jammu and kashmir, that took place just after the few days of the rape and murder of little Zainab. The selective outcry when comparing the brutality against Asifa with brutality against zainab , which didn’t provoke any significant reactions in regional or national or international arena and the massive socail and political mobilization occured just few days before in response to Zainab’s rape and murder. Perheps the political and social proximity combined with political instability ,shrinking democracy, baised aproach (polititically or socially motivated) and relatively insensitive towards human suffering elsewhere. The consistent imbalance of media coverage and no expressions of shock as in case of Zainab’s rape and murder found in news outlets , no statements and columns by so called feminists and social activists exposed their hypocrisy. The social media by and large seem point to more static than being dynamic. Empathy and care of vulnerability of “our political or social affilations“ lives and the concomitant neglect for vulnerable other lives are not equally regarded as worthy of mourning and greif. This scenario of raising tradition of selective mourning and solidarity is very much visible in this part of the world.
In the second week of march 2017 in padgampora pulwama a nineth class student Amir Nazir ,a civilian was killed by government forces . During his funeral the nine year old friend of Amir, Burhan fayaz was captured crying, tears rolling down his cheeks. The snapshot, taken at the funeral of a teenager killed , was being described by some as the defining image of the tragedy. Condemnations and mourning were pouring in from all over the globe. The particular class of people of our society remain mum and neither the killing nor the snap was tragedy for them . The greif was shown by the anti-india or pro-freedom people in the trouble torn valley. The other people who support kashmir freedom struggle also were using socail medi and other tools to protest the brutal murder. On 28 th august 2017 the Jummu and kashmir assistant sub inspector Asi Abdul Rasheed was killed by suspected anti -india rebels. The picture of slain policeman’s daughter went viral on socail networking sites.The picture was heart wreching .The scenes captured were so emotional,even stone-hearted people could not stop their tears. The different users add the photo with different captions. Some showed anger while some were comparing the picture with the crying and sobbing kids of armed rebels or civilians killed by police or other indian security forces, hence were not mourning or condemning the killing but were justifying. This seems trend in kashmir we just remember the previous tragedy until next tragedy will happen ,and we selectively condemn and mourn these tragedies depending upon our political and social affiliations.
On September 2, 2015 when Syrian kid Alan Kurdi was found dead in meditarian sea there were condemnations ,hue and cry globally and also almost everyone here in jummu and kashmir belonging to different fields irrespective of their political affiliations like pro Indians, pro freedom, social activists, civil society members ,students, teachers , professors, etc. Everyone was against the brutality . Everyone showed kind human behavior. This type of human behavior must be endorsed and voice must be raised against every brutality irrespective of the political ideology or political opinion. But this human character seemed exhausted and many noble human souls got exposed when on the same month of the same year on 15 the ten year old Tanveer Ahmad was killed by unexploded shell in Rafiabad near encounter site or when Burhan Bashir the toddler was killed along with his by unknown gunmen in sopore town the northern part of kashmir . There were again condemnations, hue and cry but not by everyone, Others seemed dead and non existing. This cycle repeats here every time. The selective outrage and mourning is done every time an individual is killed.
We must understand why we can’t recongnise all lives are equal. We must understand the tragedies are to be mourned irrespective of the region or religion political or social affilations. We must discuss in the society about the extent to which our moral reasoning and our thinking as a society allow us to fight for the universal human rights and human dignity by equally respecting each other. We must care take care of each other as humans .

(The author a social activist writes on issues concerning politics, society and administration regularly for “Kashmir Horion”. His views are personal)


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