January 31, 2018

Tulail Woes

Towards the valley of Gurez and Tulail we come across Razdhan pass.Gurez and Tulail comes under the jurisdiction of district Bandipora. It takes almost some 4-5 hours from Kangan to reach Gurez by sumo and some 8 hours to reach Tulail area.The valley Gurez is situated at the height of 7800ft. Almost some 30-40 villages fall in between Gurez and Tulail.Some villages in these areas are much closer to LOC. Due to the heavy snowfall during Winter in Razdhan paas the whole tulail and Gurez valley remains cut off for almost 7 months from Nov-May. A person who wants to reach Bandipora has to travel for at least 3 days and 3 nights in the bone chilling cold during winter eason and this has becom a huge problem for the residents of Tulail And Gurez valley. In the absence of adequate power suooly only few generators run on diesel have been provided to the residents of Tulail and gurez Valley and the govt is not taking any step for the mitigating the power facility for these remot areas due to which the people suffer throughout the year.
Mobile network connectivity is also one of the main grievances of the people of Tulail area . Few landlines connections have been provided in each village in Tulail area and similarly in Gurez Valley there is only one Network connectivity – the BSNL and landline service. Now a days it has become the need of hour to remain in touch with the rest of the world.The people of Tulail area are requesting and demanding ”Tehsil” for these villages which would help them in the development of their villages but the present government is not giving adequate attention to the problems faced by people in Gurez and Tulial areas .For the preservation of Dardic Culure and shina language which is being spoken by the People of Tulail and Gurez valley there must be a Cultural Academy. Shina program and Sangeets are only telecasted on DD KASHIR once in a week just for minimum of 30 minutes and maximum of 40 minutes. These programs could be broadcasted from studios in different locations in Gurez And Tulail areas. The residents of tulail and Gurez valley have been demanding that it would be better if such programs would be broadcasted from TULAIL and GUREZ valley. The natural disaster’s like Avalanches have killed almost 1000’s of people of Tulail and Gurez Area since last several years . Last year almost some 4-5 civilians of Sub Tehsil Badugam were killed during winter months by Avalanches.During winter season almost 10 ft of snow in Tulail and Gurez valley makes the lives of people a hell. The army posts or bunkers located at different areas of tulail and Gurez valley also have been prone to these avalanches as recently some 4-5 Army solidier’s were also missing due to these avalanches which took place in the month of DEC 2017.
Moreover In 6 villages of tulail area there is only 1 higher secoundary school located at BADUGAM SUB TEHSIL. The students have to cross almost 6 villages From Anaikot to Badugam Higher secoundary school without any transport facility. Lack of proper subjects in Govt Higher secoundary school BADWAB & Govt higher sec school BADUGAM has irked the students and they are not in a position to choos their subjects.
There is only 1 bank located at BADUGAM for almost some 20 villages of tulail area.The lack of hospital facility has also created huge problems for the residents of Tulail area .They have to either travel to BADUGAM sub tehsil hospital ,tehsil Gurez hospital or Srinagar hospital which takes a lot of time to reach there in absence of adequate transport facility. Lack of Roads and lack of drinking water facilities other civic amentities and unemployment are the unattended problems of the people of these areas.
The people living in these areas are suffering from the problem of economic deprivation. The STUDENTS have been working as daily wager’s due to which they remain cut off from their studies as they have to work as daily labours’ in order to fulfill their basic needs and facilities. If the Govt implements any scheme for the border residents , the same doesn’t reach the common people of tulail areas .The funds released for border residents under various schemes are grabbed by the corrupt politicians due to which the life of residents of tulail area becomes miserable. Further the computer centres must be established in tulail and Gurez valley so that the students y compete themselves with the other students of Kashmir valley and other states of India. It would also help the job aspirants to apply for jobs in various govt departments and public sector undertakings. Due to the lack of computer facility the job aspirants of Tulail and Gurez Valley are not able to apply for computer based posts and as such it is the need of hour to provide such facilities in each higher secondary school and in different villages of TULAIL and GUREZ valley.

(Author is a B.A student at Govt. Degree College Kangan. His views are personal)

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