Fri. Jun 21st, 2019

Tributes of a student to his teacher

One good teacher may change a delinquent into a solid citizen if a teacher teaches not from the book but from the heart. Teaching is a noble profession and the undeniable fact is that a teacher shapes the society. Today I remember my beloved teacher late Gh Mohd Mantoo who is no longer with us but his guidance and thoughts gave me the wings by which I fly. He always looked smart in the class room and students still remember him for the interest he was generating among the students present in the class. Luckily he was also my father’s best friend and as such always understood my family circumstances all too well. He always considered me like his own son and always encouraged me. He always used to tell me ‘never give up, face challenges of life with courage and determination”. He still remains the perfect poster of patience, understanding and empathy. He was used to ask me to develop a creativity of thought and as such I owe to him that I possess today. When I choose to study science subject, he then called me to his house and gently asked me why I had made such a choice. I explained to him that science subject has more scope than arts subjects. He was the person who counseled properly me and my brother Dr.Shahnawaz Mantoo and made us to understand the way and means of becoming responsible citizen of the society. My village Waghama was totally in darkness but due to his efforts today more than 70% are educated. In school times he always talked about discipline, and used to teach us all about importance of morality in human life. He was so efficient a teacher that whatever he would taught us in class room was not to be repeated in our home. After 4pm he would invite advice all students to his home clear the doubts raised by us one several points of any particular lesson. He would always make us believe that with positive mind and hardworking intuition anything can be achieved.

One of the biggest qualities I always admired about late Master Ghulam Mohd Mantoo was his support both in academics and as well as matters of general understanding.

In government schools most of the students belong to poor families but he was the teachers who would show equal attention to all the students present in the class and try to help them in every possible way. He used to guides us also during inter school competition both in academic as well as sports. One of the biggest qualities I always admired about late Master Ghulam Mohd Mantoo was his support both in academics and as well as matters of general understanding. He was known for his educational and social upliftment of the people in village Waghama and shaped the future of students to help them sever their society better. He was very friendly with me and always motivated us by proper counseling and guidance. His thoughts still vibrate in my heart and mind. I can assure you today that all of us have at one point or the other, sought his help. For us (his students) he has proved to be a good friend, a counselor, a mentor, a guide, an educator. His thoughts are still fresh in our hearts and minds and continue to guide us live a happy and prosperous life. He would be always remembers for his affection and leadership qualities which he showed both as a teacher and a social reformer. That day was very painful of my life when I lost my teacher Master Ghulam Mohd Mantoo. We would try hard to make sure that his dreams come true one day or the other. I pray to AlmightyAllah that may his soul will remain in peace and bless his family.

(The author is a regular contributor of “Kashmir Horizon”. His views are personal.)


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