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Messy drainage system

Behind houses, street corners, in front of houses and more, are faced with poor drainage system problems that keep hampering the free movement of people and goods especially when it starts to rain. The worst comes when the rains are heavy and they soak well into the walls of houses some of which are made of low quality cement or mud bricks due to poverty. Author takes a look around to see how this phenomenon has brought set back and its potential to cause disaster if not amended in time. We need to act on drainage system of our city and areas you can name especially after 2014 floods. We know that some of the areas are densely populated and need to be cared for by providing good drainage systems but this should be done by concerted effort to enable the environment be free for all to dwell without fear of disaster.
Contributing factors to poor drainage varies as the little tiny ones available are blocked by the rubbish thrown behind houses on the pretext that it is not a large amount, it would not cause anything. But the accumulation of such rubbish has caused total blockage and caused flooding and damages to houses and people, putting people’s lives at stake.
The unhealthy situation comes every year but people have not learnt to control some of these happenings, they instead keep on doing the same old thing.
“The world cannot be made better if the people themselves do not do their best to make it what they want it to be,” said Fayaz Rather an entrepreneur. One thing is sure that is, for people to live in a clean environment, they should have to put an effort into their own cleanliness. Like a child, he may take care of himself but an elderly person does it better for that child than him or herself.
What would the drainage system of the society be like if the elders, whom we call in this instance the government, be like if they play their part as they have in the areas like Vishamber Nagar, Golf Course. That area would be danger free especially of flood. Government should have to challenge themselves to take the drainage system as a challenge to get it done little by little each time they have the means. Some may say government alone cannot do it, may be house owners, Civil society and others.
The ideal time many say good for the drainage repairs is immediately after the rains. The reconstruction would take time but it would certainly go a long way. Doing it in bits but surely would be a good symbol of another facet of the development drive.

Having big houses, big cars and sleeping in a pool of dirty water around your house or your car getting stock in a pool of muddy and milky looking water would not show development, a turn around of such situation coupled with a few other things are surely a developmental sign.

The locality of Amada Kadal, Wani Mohallah becomes a river just after a down pour of rain. The place is in a slope, which allows for water to empty itself there. And because of the lack of a proper drainage, it is seen overflowing with water and rubbish and no one is allowed to go through there is no proper drainage system that would help the runoff water goes in a respectful way.
Be it Shor Khan, Vishamber Nagar or Golf course (World Bank financed) newly constructed dewatering stations has given a face lift to that area and the water around there is going to be at peace with the inhabitants of that area. Drainage management in that area is enhancing happiness to those that live there and to those that pass by. When it was not properly made, one could see the inconvenience it caused to the lot and how people and cars hated the road. The people feared rain fall due to the measured settled water in ponds that were seen, causing hindrance to those who used the road. That area could serve as an example to improve the society’s lot.
Ahmada Kadal,Wani Mohallah is on a slope; you would agree with me, it therefore needs a controlled drainage system to help the situation of flooding down. Already constructed dewatering station is not efficient as population has increased mainfolds since it was constructed to dewater the drainage water of limited house holds, which by 2017 has turned into a locality with 500 households. The people in the area are in trouble and are wishing that the rains be silent.
Having big houses, big cars and sleeping in a pool of dirty water around your house or your car getting stock in a pool of muddy and milky looking water would not show development, a turn around of such situation coupled with a few other things are surely a developmental sign. The ball is in the court of those who plan, those who do the implementation to see the reality of how many people suffer.
A lady preferring anonymity at Ahmada Kadal,Wani Mohallah says, “We may not survive this year’s rains because last year the poor drainage system made sewage to run into our homes,MLA should help us get rid of this poor drainage system. I may not be using my shoes once the rains have started. Sometimes we are caught in our houses as it keeps raining and we can’t go out due to over flow.” Others complained that their children walk through the sewage waters and they return home wet in like babies from the grave. “We need help to keep our babies healthy as diarrhea is always eminent in our area due to this drainage problem. Someone would have to know that we are all made equal but our status during the rains make us feel inferior, and should not be so since we are made in the image and likeness of God.” She said.

(The author is contributing exclusively for the edit page of “Kashmir Horizon” . The views are his personal)



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