Continue restrictions as second wave is yet to reach peak stage: DAK Chief to Govt

Srinagar : As the Covid-19 cases and deaths continue to increase with each passing day, experts believe that the second wave of the virus is yet to reach its peak and that the authorities must continue restrictions for some more time.
Flu expert and President Doctors association Kashmir Dr Nisar Ul Hassan said that to break the transmission of the second wave of Covid-19, the government must continue restrictions for one week or more as positive cases and deaths are escalating with each passing day.
He said that the second wave is yet to reach the peak stage which is expected to reach the peak stage in next 15 days so cases and deaths may increase further in these days and easing restrictions at this stage can prove suicidal.
He said that with more cases, there will be more admissions to hospitals and more deaths and in such conditions “our hospitals can’t cope up.”
Dr Nisar said that the positivity rate is more than what is available in the data as there are many unreported cases and deaths as many people die at home and several people avoid testing.
He added that to combat the virus at this stage, there is no alternative other than to continue lockdown for a few more days besides that the government must increase ICU beds on a war footing basis to counter the virus as we are fighting war with the deadly virus.
“Around 95 percent people in J&K are still susceptible and the government must ramp up the vaccination process in the lockdown period after which restrictions can be eased after accessing this situation as nobody wants lockdown,” the doctor said. “Administration must take decision keeping in view that it is a matter of life and death and such things should not be decided on basis of public pressure or economy.”


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