ASCOMS Jammu refutes reports about Covid deaths due to shortage of oxygen

Jammu: According to Director Principal, Acharya Shri Chander College of Medical Sciences and Hospital (ASCOMS), Dr, Pavan Malhotra, a patient namely Bita Kumari Kher aged 59 years was admitted on 14.04.2021 as CoVID positive and turned negative on 28.04.2021. She however could not support herself on the atmospheric oxygen and had to continue with High Flow oxygen even after getting negative.
The patient was treated as per protocol of CoVID and she became negative after receiving the treatment. She had a massive Cardiac Pulmonary arrest Saturday morning at around 9.30 A.M and passed away due to acute CoVID pneumonia. The reports in the media that the patient died due to the non availability of oxygen is totally incorrect.
Other patient, namely Haider Ali, was admitted on 17.04.2021 as CoVID positive patient and turned negative on 28.04.2021. He had acute CoVID pneumonia and succumbed to COVID Saturday morning at around 7.45 AM.
Third patient namely Irshad Ahmed Hamal, 68 years old admitted as CoVID positive patient on 21.04.2021, passed away Saturday morning due to Cardiac Pulmonary Arrest.
Fourth patient namely Manjeet Singh, who was admitted on 24.04.2021 died of acute CoVID pneumonia and Cardiac Pulmonary Arrest Saturday on 1.05.2021 morning.
“The oxygen supply to the hospital is adequate and the hospital is not admitting any non CoVID patient so that the care of CoVID patients is not affected. Normal and Emergency surgeries have been temporarily suspended” the Principal said.
He said total patients admitted as on date are 69 while 7 of them have been discharged.


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