I am vaccinated against Covid-19, I encourage others for the same : Dr Tasaduk

Jammu: Kashmir – based medico Dr Tasaduk Hussain Itoo on Wednesday said that people must go for both doses of vaccination against Covid-19 as soon as possible.

“I am vaccinated for both doses against Covid-19 and I encourage others for the same”, Dr Tasaduk said.

He said that scientific research has shown that the vaccine is safe, efficacious and immunogenic — that has the potential to relatively protect you from Covid-19 infection, besides it shall help in decreasing the spread and severity of virus.

He said that everyone of us have been waiting eagerly for the vaccine to come since the inception of Covid-19 pandemic and in less time we have vaccine available due to advancement in scientific research and tremendous efforts of our scientists.

He further said that scientific research has also shown that the common side effects of Covid-19 vaccine after vaccination are expected as usual with other vaccines– including fever, headache, bodyaches, myalgia, pain at injection site etc — that gets subsided in a day or so with need of minimal or no treatment. Adding that severe adverse reactions have been found in very rare instances.

Dr Itoo said that people should stay mentally strong for any side effects post – vaccination and shouldn’t get panic or lose their will power — but should keep patience. Adding that people should believe in scientific evidence and avoid falling prey to any kind of rumours.

“As the battle against Covid-19 pandemic seems long keeping in view of the 2nd wave of Covid with possible emergence of new variant strains of the virus and huge re-surge in the number of cases — people should stay serious, behave responsibly, get vaccinated and adhere to basic precautionary measures and SOPs”, he added.


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