Soz hits back at Vice President Naidu, Says “We Kashmiris have every right to say whatever we like”

Srinagar: Former Union Minister Prof Saif Ud Din Soz said on Tuesday contested the remarks of Vice President Vankaiah Naidu on Kashmir saying that Kashmiris have right to say whatever they to say on Kashmir.

In a statement issued on Tuesday Doz said “I think Vice President Venkaiah Naidu will concede our right to say something on Kashmir.If that right is granted, then we would like to say that it was wrong on the part of Govt. of India to abrogate Article 370 of the Constitution of India unilaterally. That action on the part of Govt. of India was unconstitutional”.

Stating that “the fact is well known to those who care to read the Constitution of India carefully, Article 370 was incorporated in the Constitution of India, when a constitutional relationship was being worked out between J&K State and the Union of India”, Sox in his statement said “the simple fact is that Govt. of India had no right to abrogate Article 370 unilaterally .

Saying that” people of the Jammu and Kashmir State have every right to raise their voice against the abrogation of Article 370 of the Constitution of India. We shall, therefore, continue to raise our voice!”, Soz further said ” Venkaiah Naidu would weigh in his mind whether he was entitled to say that nobody has any right to say anything on Kashmir.”

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