NC’s unrecognised “Iron Lady” from B’pora who selflessly gave life long services for uplifting the community

Srinagar, Apr 08: Hailing for Gujjarpati Aragam village of North Kashmir’s Bandipora, Begam Jan has offered her entire life in deity of National Conference since 1983.

Begum lived a pretty simple life among her “Gujjar Community”, until she joined NC back in 1983 at the time when Khalil Jawher was MLA Bandipora.

She was a fire band orator, she had much of exposure, confidence and for the first time ever she engaged more than 5000 audience during a rally at Main Chowk Bandipora.

She had all the qualities that of a good leader. Begum has devoted all her life to the people and community she belongs to.

The start of political career never went easy for her, first she lost her brother and then her 18 year old son. But this didn’t stop her ambitions of working for the welfare of his community.

She says, “Unlike others I never filled my treasures, I never cared for myself, I devoted everything to my people”.

She lives with her own community, in Gujjarpati, in a traditional mud house which still remains as such and she hasn’t developed any of her assets till now. Presently she is living in a party accomdation in srinagar.

Mother of seven children- five sons and two daughters, Begum never cared for her desires, she always filled the desires of her people. Her two children are yet to get married.

Begum in past has helped a lot of Kashmiris who by any means were stuck anywhere. She has always been a helping hand.

For her area, she has worked out many projects in past which right now are proving quite fruitful for her community. When we talk of backstage development by leaders, Begum tops the list. She did a lot of work and never beat the drum.

Working for approximately 4 decades with zeal and vigour, Begum hasn’t earned a big name and has gone unrecognised in the NC.

Despite facing hardships, Begum says she will continue to work for the betterment of the society and she least cares to earn name and fame.

Among her community back in Gujjarpati, she is not less than an ‘Iron Lady’, she inspires others as well.

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