Struggle of people Kashmir for restoration of spl status under Art 370, not for statehood, alliance for it is must : Soz

Srinagar/Jan,28 : Former Union Minister Prof Saif Ud Din Soz on Thursday reiterated his position on the prevailing political situation in Jammu & Kashmir and said Alliance could only serve the best purpose if all the mainstream parties were to support it for a common cause and purpose maintaining that any political party is entitled to withdrawn from the alliance and promote the party.
In a statement issued on Thursday Soz said “while any political party is entitled to withdraw from the Alliance and promote the party, the Alliance could serve the best purpose if all Mainstream Parties were to support it as a Common Cause and Purpose”.
He however made it clear that at the present juncture when the Central Govt. is doing everything to alienate the people of Kashmir, the togetherness of the Kashmir Mainstream Parties is a ‘Welcome Measure.
Stating that in his opinion, there is no conflict of interests among the Kashmir Mainstream Parties , Soz said “the Kashmir political class seems to be conscious of the fact that what really matters at this critical juncture is the togetherness of Kashmir Political Mainstream Parties”.He also said “The writing on the wall is clear. While Mainstream Political Parties can maintain their individuality, they should determine and maintain their togetherness for a Common Goal”.
Alleging that some people are creating confusion by supporting the restoration of Statehood and as such are deliberately diverting the attention of the people of Kashmir from their struggle for the restoration of the State’s Special Status enshrined under now abrogated Article 370 of the Constitution of India, Soz said “the people of Kashmir know that they have a cause and cause needs the struggle!”, adding that “in a people’s life, it is the struggle that matters and people of Kashmir are conscious of this aspect of politics.”

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