Meet 22-yr-old Asma from Bandipora’s Gamroo village who draws her skills on canvas

‘I want to be an artist , open a local art academy to help talented youth to hone their skills in art designing’

Bandipora: In order to take forward the legacy of her father, a 22 -year-old Girl from Gamroo Village of North kashmir’s Bandipora has taken up painting, an ancient art, as her hobby and she has got passion for it too.

Asma is pursing BFA (Bachelors in Fine Arts) at Lovely Professional University Punjab as well and she is a talented art designer.

Asma has completed her Matriculation from a school in her native village, she went to Punjab for her further studies where she is currently pursuing BFA.

She learnt Art designing during her school days and she was in 7th standard when she first draw a painting and since then it became her hobby.

Asma says that in 2016 when she was in Kashmir and experienced an unrest she used to spend her time in drawing paintings and got much interested in doing so.

She says that since then she never look back and today she has got a good knack for painting while people appreciate her for this talent.

She said that her family has always supported and encouraged her in every field and in painting as well.

Asma said that due to non-availability of art academy she faced lot of problems in making paintings as she worked very hard to brush up her skills in an efficient way and now by the grace of almighty she can paint easily.

She said that she can draw paintings on paper machie, Chinar Leaves, Stones and many more things.

She further added that, “I am thankful to my parents who supported me in every field I choose to be in as they never stopped me from doing anything.”

She said that, “I used to gift my paintings to my friends and relatives who appreciate and love my work in return. I have been encouraged to bring my work in markets for gaining some good bucks out of that.”

She further said that her aim is to become a good artist and want to open an art academy for youth talented in art designing.

She believes that the locals have to come forward to support the local art and that, she believes, is the only option of making the local art gain some more ground.

“We have to come forward to support local art. I want to create an art gallery which will house the work of all the self-taught artists. I know many who are doing amazing, but they are not recognized, I want to help them,” she said.

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