December 23, 2020

Modern Intelligence!

Innovations are here and there;
And the need of the hour for us to change the gear.
For innovation, any nation or country has to bear;
And in case of development, there is nothing to fear.
Artificial Intelligence has made a rare distinction;
Because it has puzzled our imagination.
We are the followers of fake cremation;
And I think Artificial Intelligence is a good intention.
Robots can talk and help us;
And there is a less need of a bus.
This technology is trying to relieve the stress;
And people are not trying to come out of this mess.
Three scientists are honoured for this revolution;
And we have a false concept about evolution
We aren’t following our constitution;
And there is growing concept of a mutation.
The wheel of efficiency is moving forward;
And we are nursed in a false ward.
There is nothing in case of Science so hard;
If you believe in the truest card.
We are investing in the false ways;
And the happiness is away or at the bays.
We are following the false rays;
And are expecting of nice days.
Understand the nature of your time.
If not ,it can become a crime.
(Views are author’s own) [email protected]

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