December 21, 2020

Internet and power a big concern in J&K : Dr Shahid Amin

Srinagar/Dec,21: Dr. Shahid Amin Trali, Assistant Professor in ITM University Gwalior and a regular columnist has raised a serious concern for snipping internet services regularly and its low speed in Jammu & Kashmir.
In a statement issued here on Monday Dr Trali said “It is posing a great threat to education and online businesses in our J&K. It is a sign of an inefficient system not to find better internet services in this human claimed modern age. Stating that present crisis due to pandemic to some extent has been given a treatment worldwide by making things work online but our Jammu & Kashmir is an exception, he said “In fact things have become worse in our Jammu & Kashmir. Here 4G internet services seem to be a distant dream now and even 2G is always volatile”.
Stating that never took it serious until his visit to his home in Kashmir few months back, Dr Trali said “I have faced a terrible experience here moving from one district to another to catch 2G internet services on my mobile”, adding that ” Our power is another main issue despite being the producers of good power, we are the big suffers”. He urged the authorities to look into this matter very seriously and prove by their actions their concerns about the progress and development of Jammu & Kashmir.

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