October 17, 2020

I am a Kashmiri Student

Students are the future of a nation. They are the custodians of past, present and the coming future. They take everything with themselves that they have saw and experienced. They lay the foundations of the nation quite deep. They are full of creativity and accordingly make their nation a symbol of development and peace. They fall and get up because they have a goal to achieve. They sleep for a purpose and wake for a purpose. Their sleep is development. Their waking also is development. If this is the case, where the students of Jammu and Kashmir fall. I think they fall very low. They have no avenues to prove their worth. Moreover, they don’t see any future for themselves and are quite paralyzed. This situation is not the malaise of some years; it is the malaise of decades. For 7 decades, we have been listening to the same tune of development and the Sky is limit. In reality, development has not come so far. In case of the Sky is limit, we have been reduced to ashes. We look dwarves, though tall. There are many causes responsible for this situation of ours. Let us discuss some in brief. First is political. Since 1947, politics has taken heavy toll of our lives. Lakhs of people are dead. Many lakhs are injured. Thousands of people are depressed. Thousands are orphans. There are hundreds of half-widows. Unidentified graves are found in the nook and corner of Jammu and Kashmir. All this is the consequence of the political disturbances. A lot of resources are wasted in political gamble. It, apart from other things, has destroyed the educational system. In this situation, a student is confused. He or she cannot understand that what is the need of keeping the pot of Jammu and Kashmir boiling when other issues are opening their mouths with each passing day? Jammu and Kashmir is a nuclear flashpoint among India, China and Pakistan in particular and among the countries of South Asia in general. Any diplomatic failure can cost the lives of millions of people. Soldiers die without any reason. In this way, the whole Jammu and Kashmir is engulfed by the dark clouds of fear and suspicion.
Aspirations of the Kashmiris should be taken into account. They should be consulted before any decision. Let us hope that a Kashmiri student is able to live his or life for a moment.
Second is economic. Our economic is in doldrums. Since 1947, by one way or another, we have been subjected to the worst kind of economy siege. Our all leaders sold or sell us at the most important junction of history. From Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah to Mehbooba Mufti, they made the wrong decisions in lieu of some gains; for the destruction of Jammu and Kashmir. In 1950s, our hydel resources were sold. Financial crunch began in the same decade. Our beautiful landscapes were given on the lease for the draining of wealth of Jammu and Kashmir. In this situation, primary sectors, secondary sectors and tertiary sector were and are badly hit. Primary sector (22%), secondary sector (21%) and tertiary sector ( 57%) are in ruins. The third sector i.e., tertiary sector has been the worst hit. It is the backbone of the state GDP. In this way, we have become beggars. There is no sign of economic recovery. Furthermore, the Centre imposes harsh taxes in asymmetrical democracy that has proved as the last nail in the coffin. The result is that students have become more disadvantaged than others. Elders have become habitual to the gloom but the younger cannot believe this failure. Third and last is international. Students learn that agencies like the UN are for the sake of peace and reconciliation. But on the ground level, they don’t see these things. They have never been able to solve this contentious issue. They are happy that this issue is going on. They get material rewards. In this way, students are left offended and can’t expect tangible in the future. This is the situation of a common Kashmiri student. They have no future if the present trend continues. Until and unless, the thieves are not caught, there will be no development. Negotiations are the need of the hour. Aspirations of the Kashmiris should be taken into account. They should be consulted before any decision. Let us hope that a Kashmiri student is able to live his or life for a moment.
(The author is a freelancer and writes frequently for “Kashmir Horizon”. Views are exclusively his own) [email protected]

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