September 22, 2020

Jews among the arabs!

Now, the Jews are among the Arabs in a different way;
They, the Jews, are trying to keep the painful past at the bay.
After toiling hard, they want to have a say;
Because they don’t want to be humiliated again and taken on a ferocious way.
Saudi Arabia is trying to mitigate the differences
The custodian of the holy land has to take the leading role in the present circumstances
History doesn’t offer a chance, after you had lost the previous chances
The Jews are rebuilding themselves, forgetting the humiliating romances.
Egypt is a country where all of you are welcomed;
Because your presence makes anyone or anything fumed.
In the pages of history, you are doomed;
But the other side shows that all of you will be groomed.
Synagogues are constructed again for the people of book;
Because there is only a single chance to use a holy hook.
Your history is also filled with the stories of frying but not any type of cook;
They are among the Arabs because there is nowhere to look.
All of you are our religious friends;
But all of you look for ideological bends.
Humanity is the main aim of religious ,not looking for the worldly trends;
And the morality of the Children of Israel is lost in the bloody sands.
We welcome all of you in this vast universe again;
But the priority is that you should not go for the false bargain.
Your lands do have the surface area for the Syrian grain;
And humbly saying, your every person does possess a marvelous brain.
The Temple of Solomon waits for your real worship;
It also allows you to come there and take a holy dip.
If not ,there is the sure need of a holy Whip;
And all of you won’t be allowed to take a holy ship.
The ball is in your court;
And the need of the hour is to go for the holy vote.
The nations that deviate from the real path have no boat;
And the biggest curse on a person is his cursed throat.
(The author is a freelancer. Views are exclusively his own) [email protected]

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