August 25, 2020

To get rid of COVID-19, One and all from Santry to Mantri have to follow SOPs : Qayoom Wani tells JK Govt

Srinagar: Expressing concern over the violations of COVID 19 SOPs by bothpublic and private agencies in Jammu and Kashmir, the Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum (JK CSF) has warned that if the derailing situation is not controlled by the stakeholders it will take a heavy toll of lives and health of the people amid prevailing pandemic.
In a statement issued here on Monday Wani slammed even the top functionaries of various govt and semi govt agencies and departments and even the top bureaucrats and advisors for allowing and being part of the gatherings which the same govt is claiming to have prohibited under the guidelines of MHA and WHO put in place to safeguard the public health particularly amid COVID 19.
Wani said that it was all surprising that on one hand the same authorities issue orders for the imposition of SOPs but on the other hand the officers from top to bottom are seen part of the govt held gatherings in the name of various events thus violating the very concept of the SOPs on the ground. Wani said by doing this one fails to understand afterall who is to be betrayed and deceived and harmed but none other than the self and the society we belong to. Wani said that the statistics of the COVID 19 reveals that the situation is worsening with every passing day but the authorities are not serious about the implementation of the SOPs but they have to understand that mere formal orders issued day in andbdaybout won’t work. Wani said that foreign communities have opened the lockdown but with a fool proof mechanism. He said violation of the SOPs and the guidelines on the lawmakers, managers and administration has maded the COVID-19 control measures counterproductive .Wani alleged that for general masses and ignorant peopl the implementation of SOPs has become a mockery, adding that nowhere SOPs are seen in vogue in offices, markets and other public places at a time when the situation of COVID 19 is spreading fast.
Wani said that adventures, functions, inaugurations, ribbon sermonizes, sports and even the classroom schooling can wait but life and health can’t be compromised at any cost.

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