Motivational Speaking: What Should Be The Core Philosophy?

Subhead: If our Motivational speeches are crafted in the light of God and the teachings of our beloved Prophets (PBUT), they would have a revolutionary impact in the lives of people.
Introduction: Every nation’s progress towards high technological development; high educational status; high moral dignity and political amusement; high bureaucratic transparency; high scientific base-up; high evidence based justice et all, is dashingly influenced by its intelligent and good thinking youth. The youth with highly energetic brains, immense potential and capability in itself has a great power to transform the overall socio-politico-economic growth of the respective nation.
Creating A Positive Impact: Every professional should have the prime motivation of creating a positive impact in the society and bring revolution in the lives of people. I would say that every proffesion is unique and dignified in itself and envisages with a core idea of service to humanity directly or indirectly through a unique way of professional approach, awareness and integrity. Whatever proffession you are in, your prime motivation should be to create an IMPACT (bring positive change/revolution in the life of someone). Suppose you are a doctor, a patient you received is bed-ridden, couldn’t do things that he would have supposed to do normally, his life gets shattered for a moment of life. A doctor comes to amuse the patient and with the cure of God the patient gets off -bed and starts again a healthy life. The doctor by amusing the patient brings change/revolution in his (patient’s) life. Suppose you are a teacher, you actually revolutionize a student’s life in making a way out for his dream/ career realisation. Suppose you are a Writer/columnist, you actually revolutionize a common man’s life through expression of your intellectualized views that could help the authorities in uplifting that common man. Suppose you are a motivational speaker, your speeches impact/revolutionize someone’s life who could otherwise suffer because of his life problems. Suppose you are a journalist , your journalism gives voice to the issues of common people and revolutionize their lives etc .So positive IMPACT should be the prime motivation.
Respect, Protect, Connect (Be You) : Always remember these three words and try to imbibe them in yourself. RESPECT your own dignity and uniqueness. You are a unique personality in yourself. God has made you among the beautiful creation that is human. So you have the capabilities and talent. Try to respect this dignity that you are blessed with by Almighty Lord. PROTECT yourself from other people’s opinions. Let not the opinions of other people mould you rather you should mould them in your own way – as per the principles governing your life. Be open to criticism but develop a protective screen so that these criticisms won’t let you turn down or make you feel low rather help you in more growth. To develop great personality, you should be a good listener. CONNECT with like – minded people who do have the same ideology and thinking as that of you. They will always encourage you to excel in your career and field.
Motion Plus Emotion Is Equal To Success: This is one of the success formula. When you are emotionally backing something in your life means you are in motion towards the thing where your emotion rests. Suppose you have a dream in your life and want to achieveit. You have to be in constant run (constant motion) towards the dream. But you will develop this motion, once you have a burning desire or in other words emotional component attached with the dream. You love your dream, so you set a motion towards it. As per a great saying by Late Dr A P J Abdul Kalam ” Dreams are not those that you see during the sleep but things that doesn’t let you sleep.” Means you are emotionally backing your dream so it doesn’t let you sleep until you achieve it. So start a motion and accelerate your speed to let your emotion reap fruits.
Pleasure Of Almighty God : A professional’s main goal must be the pleasure of God through whatever Graces and blessings he has been endowed upon by Almighty God. The noble work you do for the pleasure of Almighty Lord and for the benefit of humanity is never a distraction even if that is not related to your own proffesion or your career. That will rather help you in growing more. Lord has blessed you with the amazing potential and so He has found you to potentiate that noble work. Don’t find it as a distraction rather take it as a blessing from Almighty Lord and in His pleasure – find your pleasure and be positive. To realise success in your any dream – you will have both right and wrong direction to fore. It depends upon you which one you choose. But ensuring right direction to a dream realisation will bring you success as well as make you fulfil the true purpose of life( pleasure of Almighty Lord). If you ensure wrong direction to your dream – you may get success but fail to accomplish the true purpose of life. Just one example – suppose you want to pursue degree in a reputed University. Keeping in mind that getting a seat for pursuing degree is success, you will have two directions to achieve the same. If you work hard, study, burn mid-night oil to qualify entrance examination and got a in the said University in fair manner, you realised your dream by ensuring right direction to it. If you indulge in corruption , buy papers before entrance examination, get involved in a bribe and got a seat in the same University, you realised your dream by ensuring wrong direction to it. Elucidate difference between the two. True purpose of life is to please Almighty Lord and accord His blessings that is possible only when you choose the former way as above to realise your dream (by ensuring right direction to it).It will be worth to mention here that you may be able to give right direction to your dream by imbibing good character and values – by following the teachings of Almighty Lord and HIS beloved Prophets ( PBUT).
Conclusion: Our motivational speeches usually don’t impact lives because they lack the essence of God in them. If our Motivational speeches are crafted in the light of God and the teachings of our beloved Prophets (PBUT), they would have a revolutionary impact in the lives of people. I believe in the fact that if you have to touch the skies in your life , you have to read the lessons/teachings/books that have been endowed upon us from the skies (Asmani kitabein) besides the books that are originated on earth (career oriented). As per one of the poetic lyrics of Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal “Sabaq Phir Padh Sadaqat Ka, Adaalat Ka, Shajaat Ka…Liya Jayega Tuj Se Kaam Duniya Ki Imamat Ka” ( You have to read a lesson of truthfulness, justice and bravery in order to lead the world and positively revolutionize the lives).
(The author is Chairman cum Director at J & K Innovative Foundation for Transforming Society – JKIFTS /Medical Practitioner/Motivational Speaker/Activist/Columnist/and an Educator. Views are his own)
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