Blessings of Shab-e-Baraat

The 15th of Shabaan known as Shab-e-Baraat or Lailatul Baraat, means the Night of absolution. Shab-e-Baraat is a vessel for mercy, blessing, benefit,pardon and forgiveness that descends upon the people of the earth. As millions of muslims across the world celebrate the night as a Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), our lesson of the night is to see the path of goodness, to be always ready to respond to the cry of the needy, and to avoid falsehood and embrace truthfulness in every sphere of our life. On this great night, the Almighty Allah descends to the first heaven and proclaims, “Is there anyone who seeks forgiveness so that I may forgive him? Is there anyone who seeks sustenance so that I may grant him sustenance? Is there anyone who seeks freedom from his problems so that I may remove his problems?” This announcement continues until the break of dawn. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has said, “On the night of the middle of Shabaan, Allah Ta’ala descends to the heaven of this lower world and forgives every muslim, except a mushrik (one who associates partners with the Almighty), the bearer of malice, the breaker of family ties, the adulterer, the miser, the one who is disobedient to his parents and the one who consumes alcohol. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has also said that during this night the Almighty Allah opens 300 doors of mercy unto his servants and that the slaves of the Almighty Allah are emancipated from the fire of hell, as numerous as the hairs on the flocks of the tribe of Bani Kalb. This is an opportunity that everyone needs to take advantage of. We do not know if our names will be written on the list given to the Angel of Death this year, and whether we will have the opportunity of experiencing this blessed night again. We must make Tauba (repent) for our sins and ask for Almighty Allah’s Forgiveness. We are such wretched sinners but the mercy of the Almighty Allah is boundless. No matter how sinful we are, it is never too late to fall down in prostration before Almighty Allah and to cry in shame for our insolent behaviour in disobeying his commands.
On this night when the Amighty Allah calls out, “Who is there who seeks forgiveness so that I may forgive him?” the whole night, why can’t we be the ones to respond to that call by crying in the Court of the Almighty Allah saying “Ya Allah, this wretched sinner seeks your forgiveness? I am present in Your Court and I humble myself in shame before you. Through the Sadaqah and Wasilah of your beloved messenger, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) please forgive me.” Nothing is stopping us besides our nafs and Shaitaan. Remember that the Almighty Allah loves those who cry in his Court out of shame and repent for their sins, so do not let this blessed night go by in vain. May Almighty Allah grant us the path of righteousness to take full advantage of the blessings of Shab-e-Baraat, to repent from our sins and to make as much Ibaadat as possible on this blessed night? Ameen!

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