Counter arguments to Suhail Khan’s views on JAN ASHUDI Scheme

Dear Sir,
As discussed telephonically . This is in reference to recent published editorial written by Mr suhail khan . with regard to JAN ASHUDI in which he alleged stocking of spurious medicines and the blame game on medical representatives is a motivated effort of the over ambitious writer to score mileage out of nothing. The writer has levelled serious allegations against the highly committed and professional people who sacrifice their time and energy in the service of humankind. Mr khan questions the professionalism of doctors and alleges that they are hand in glove with what he terms drug mafia and calls their relationship with medical representatives of noted pharmaceutical companies as a drug racket. The so-called expose raises few questions Mr khan which needs to answer. Firstly, can Mr khan tell us how many people died till date “reportedly” due to use of ‘spurious’ medicines. Secondly, being a responsible writer has he really done any extensive investigation and found any company involved in this heinous and criminal activity. Can he name the fake companies stocking the markets with sub standard drugs. Thirdly, why didn’t he approach Directorate of Health Services Kashmir or Jammu with a factual evidence regarding companies involved in any illicit businesses. Why has he sensationalised the issue without substantial proof leading to panic among the masses the pharma companies dealing with medicine are functioning under certain rules and regulations framed by Central Government and there is a monitoring agency under Drug Controller of India which keeps a close vigil on the efficiency and efficacy of drugs available with the chemists. Has writer contacted the monitoring agency and divulged details with them before going public on the sale of drugs. Mr khan questions the professionalism and honesty of doctors alleging that they receive costly gifts from MRs which is far from reality. The Medical Representatives at the most present books for reference or medical equipments, that too under the MCI guidelines and that is no illicit or criminal act. has made an effort to malign the image of honest and well experienced MRs who earn their livelihood by toiling hard by visiting far off and inaccessible areas of the state. It is the MRs who guide the medical fraternity about the latest medicinal advancement and provide awareness about new drugs that fight deadly diseases like cancer etc. We admit there may be exceptions. Black sheep are present in every sector and few MRs may have done a mischievous thing but Mr khan has no right to generalize the entire MR and doctors community.i condemn in the strongest words the utterances of writer and caution the public about his sinister campaign to defame the noble service of doctors and MRs.
Mohd sidiq khan
R/ Phalipora safapora
phone no 9018121201’7006426109
working as therapy manager with a Pharmaceutical company

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