January 17, 2020

Islamic code on intoxication

The Almighty Allah forbade intoxication by the word “Wajtanibuhu” meaning keep away from it. This word is of far reaching consequences because it keeps the consumer away from liquor and makes him to guard himself against it and to fear it. This is more than calling it Haram, in meaning. Then Almighty Allah made it clear that the prosperity and success in this world and hereafter lies in keeping away from it by the words “La alla kum Muflihoon.” It has been indicated that it is harmful in this world on account of its being harmful for the economy and as well as personal health besides being bad for the family and the society. Above all devil (shaitan) wants to create enmity amongst people by means of intoxication and gambling. Ironically it also keeps them (believers) away from remembering Almighty Allah and the prayers which is a huge loss in the life hereafter.
Almighty Allah has questioned the user of intoxication: “Then, will you end it?” Even if this phrase is in the form of interrogation, it is in fact forbidding in its meaning. Indeed it is a clear command to stop it forever. From the above verses it is clear that the intoxication has been linked with gambling etc. and made prohibited along with them. Moreover Intoxication has been termed in the holy Qur’an as “RIJZ”-meaning filthy, dirty thing or act, which again means that it is forbidden. Almighty Allah ordained believers to keep away from it. This makes it definitely “Haram”. Success and prosperity of a believer in this world and hereafter has been made dependent on keeping away from it. All Muslims are agreed that anything that causes drunkenness is forbidden. There is clear evidence for this rule from the Qur’an & the Sunnah. Again, this rule is known by all Muslims (scholars or normal people). So, any Muslim who denies this rule is denying a basic rule in the Shari’a. Almighty Allah has alerted the believers from the designs of devil (shaitan) to sow the seeds of hatred and enmity amongst people by means of intoxication. May Almighty Allah make us obey his commands for our own good and for the good of our community? (Ameen).

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