January 7, 2020

Politics of survivals V/S politics of ethics

People in Jammu & Kashmir have witnessed huge changes in power politics during last more than seven decades but are upset with the way leaders of the ruling regimes use pelf and power for their own political conveniences and not for firming up the roots of real democracy and institutional transparency in the working of key public institutions in Jammu & Kashmir. While comparing the political narratives of yesteryears with those of today, the people of Jammu & Kashmir see no change in the constitutional, institutional and administrative interventions of the central government in Jammu & Kashmir. Knowing that the successive central governments of yesteryears used power for imposing decisions of their own whims and wishes against the wishes and aspirations of the people, the incumbent central government should have restrained from encouraging the politics of caste, religion, language, money and other elusive ways for it’s questionable interventions in the working of the Jammu & Kashmir Government. Unfortunately the political party in power at the centre is using Jammu & Kashmir as a trump card just to exploit gullible people of Jammu & Kashmir for just settling political scores over its rivals. Whatever the ideology of different political parties, the political party in power at the centre should have engaged its cadres for political reconciliations in a politically hostile atmosphere in Jammu & Kashmir. Instead of working on its own political agenda on Jammu & Kashmir the political party in power at the centre should have used power for the institutional transparency in the working of the Jammu & Kashmir government.
Unfortunately the political party presently in power at the centre like previous central governments tends to empower those who tend to be more loyal than the king. The decisions taken in the aftermath of the bifurcation of the erstwhile Jammu & Kashmir state into two union territories and withdrawal of special status are obviously part of the agenda of power politics of the political party in power at the centre. As of now the core ideologies of all political parties particularly NC (National Conference), PDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party) Peoples Conference (PC) and Congress, are dead. So almost all the parties have gone politically bankrupt. While the political party in power at the centre has identified itself with it’s political agenda, all other political parties ——- PDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party), and NC (National Conference), Peoples Conference (PC) and Congress are struggling for their political survival. The politics of survivals has overtaken the politics of ethics in Jammu & Kashmir.

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