Blotched pearl

Bazila Ayoub

When someone gets addicted to drugs they can not resist their urge to use them no matter how much harm the drugs may cause still they are left with no other option then consuming them. Whenever we talk about drug addiction the first thing which comes in our mind is Males are drug addicted but it’s completely baseless to blame only males for being addicted to drugs. Women is the beautiful creation of Allah and her status has been grown tremendously specially in our religion Islam. Musillimah has got the highest value then in any other religion and it’s the responsibility of women to respect the status which is given to her in our religion. On one side women is known as home maker but on the other side women is often seen into those things which are forbidden to us by our religion.
We as Muslims would have never thought about counting women’s in the list of drug addicts
1.It’s harsh but the sad reality that time has come when we have to say women are involved in drug addictions. Women are more easily getting involved in such things. The reason may be family disputes, sexual assault, molestation, bad company, depression. And due to all these things they sometimes just want to forget each and every thing and for this they often use sleeping tablets, Benzodiazipenes, and many other things at initial stage without realising the bad effects of using these things.. with time the urge to use drugs reaches to the extent that they startconsuming many other harmful and dangerous drugs like Weed, Brown sugar, sp tablets also known as tikki Phol in Kashmiri, nail paint removers, sr-solution, diluters, shoe polish, alcohol, nail polish, thinners, etc. Without even realising that they are just ruining their own lives.
Drug addiction in Women is spreading like the blood circulates in the human body. Survey of 2012 has shown that 70000 youths are drug addicts in Kashmir valley among them 22000 addicts are females…latest survey which was done by SMHS revealed that 3500 girls were found involved in drug addictions and most of them were students belonging to the age group of 17_ 35. Drug addiction in women can cause severe health issues like malnutrition, high blood pressure, hepatitis, std, etc. When ever a women is in control of drugs they may b sexually assaulted, raped, robbed, because it’s our own responsibility to save ourselves from such things but when they are in control of drugs they can not even think properly. How can she protect herself, her dignity, and modesty.

To over come her fears
She chooses wrong way
Being imprisoned by herself
She injects drugs in her veins
To forget all the miseries
Casting with fears
Bargaining her own comfort
And she has no idea
Life is passing by her side
She is in a world of nothingness
Where she has lost her self
Then the impulses
She craves for more
Even though her heart
Doesn’t want it
But her blood does
Loosing her self control
Ahh the mood swings!!!
That drive her crazy
Even her demons feel pity
One thing haunts
There’s no one to fill emptiness
She will never be able to be the same
From the day her innocence died….

It’s high time girls to say No to drugs…we are just ruining our life by being addicted to drugs and nothing else…..

( The author is a freelancer. Views are her own,

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