Fri. Sep 20th, 2019

Dating Violence Among College Students: Alarm Bells Ringing

Dar Zahoor

Allah(subhana wa Tala) says in Quran:”And come not near to unlawful sex. Verily, it is a Faahisha(i.e.anything that transgresses its limits a great sin, and an evil way that leads one to hell. Unless Allah forgives him. (Quran 17:35) Dating violence is significant problem in college compasses. More than one – fifth of undergraduate dating population are physically abused by their dating partners and an even greater percentage are psychological abused between 20%to47% of men and women are victims of physical dating violence in their relationship. Psychological victimization is more prevalent than physical or sexual victimization and is not limited to relationships that are physically aggressive. 90% of college women reported psychological victimization at some point in their relationship. Despite strong evidence that males and females engage in similar number of nonsexual violence against intimate partners. Female victims of intimate partner violence have repeatedly shown to be at greater risk than male victims for sustaining physical and psychological injury. The outcome of intimate partner violence for female in early adulthood can be fatal, with women between ages 20-29 having the greater risk of being murdered by an intimate partner.
Intimate partner violence is defined as physical, sexual or psychological harm to a person by current or former partner or spouse. Dating violence involves abuse behavior that occur within the context of dating relationship in which two individuals share an emotional romantic and Or sexual connection beyond a friendship, but they are not married, engaged or in a similarly committed relationship. Dating violence can include physical, sexual and psychological or emotional abuse and is common among college students. The children who overestimated or underestimated their social competence within their peer group were more likely to have increase aggressive personal attitudes and beliefs that justify the use of aggressive during conflict have been useful predictors of dating violence. Hostile attitudes and acceptance of violence against women have been found to be a significant predictor of sexual aggression relationship. The number of students reporting violence with their dating partners in compasses is alarming and shows the widespread prevalence of young people experiencing victimization at the hands of their lovers. Both women and men are aggressive in the issue of dating violence. males often report they commit some form of violence against intimate dating partner. We found that males respondents her more likely to admit to committing what their men considered to be more ” minor” acts of aggressive such as hitting, scratching, or psychological abuse. If students are tolerant of violence among their own relationships or the relationship of their friends then administrators, counselors need a greater understanding of the antecedents and consequences associated with dating violence. Students indicate that dating violence a problem; within psychological and physical trauma is a result. The weapons reported to give an indication that some dating violence could have total consequences. The fact that both genders report being aggressive reinforces the need for educational intervention and through arrangement conducted by campus counselors. It offered college intervention could help students. Address relationship issues that without intervention it may continue to be problematic over their life time.

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