October 16, 2018

The Changes In Life Along With Time

Doubtlessly time is considered a precious thing as it has a great value and relationship with one’s life. The people who use it judiciously and who value it do succeed and those who don’t, lament at the end. Although to discuss , life is a wast subject but it also may not be wrong to say that life is the transition in living with respect to the time. It doesn’t make a sense when you say the time has changed , but it is actually you, who changes with respect to time and the circumstances brought with the passage of time. Because time is the measure of duration of events or intervals, and passes on at the same pace. So, for example when you say the timing has changed, it is actually the schedule which one change with respect to time.
Though you want to live a good life as per your personal will and desire, but many a times you go on changing them too in accordance with the changes brought in the surrounding. Actually time facilities you with some opportunities which are specific, means eventual. Opportunities are mostly short lived which get skipped, when circumstances change and time passes by, if the advantage is not taken at proper time. If the change is the law of nature , you can stop it in no way. Then why can’t you try to change it for good and try to bring a positive change in yourself, so that others may also follow you to bring a good change as a whole.
Most of the people have a desire to live a meaningful and successful life , and so many people by the grace of Almighty succeed to some extent after their struggle in the life to choose a right path spirituality as well as worldly. They are those who while changing themselves with respect to age and time, grip the roop of their good and due desires firmly, and take the advantage of opportunities. However, it always doesn’t happen, as the fate has a role to play as well. The places you come through, the people you happen to meet, the tasks you perform, the joys and sorrows you go through and everything you happen to experience are not always according to your own will. But it is actually your life which drags you to experience all that.
Changes definitely happen in your life due to some external as well as internal forces, so many factors are there which change you gradually. Tremendous change in a person, along with his age occurs during his journey from childhood through adulthood to old age. Along with the his growth , a person develops his mental setup and physical set-up, accordingly. Hence due to these developments a person changes. Along with these significant changes a person gradually changes his behaviour and social setup too. He changes the friends, he changes the interests he changes some practices and even some times his habits too.
Second responsible factor is the changing world which forces you to change yourself to fit in the ever-changing world , that is you struggle to achieve those needs which make you fit yourself in the society of changing life. When the circumstances around you change dependently you need to change in accordance with the circumstances around you. For example if your profession loses scope, you are forced to chose another job, if your business partner deceives you in any way, you no longer continue business with him and don’t trust him. Another example is that people in past used only radios, TVs and News Papers as a source of media but advanced life brought social media on smart phones. On one hand you remain more connected to the people and happenings all around you round the clock, but on the other hand your life became a bit busy and expensive. Now you have less time to spent with the family, relatives and neighbours. Earlier people used to write letters to their relatives and friends living or working away from them. The letter would reach to them weeks after its dispatch. But email, SMS, Whattsapp, voice calling and video calling has replaced that practice of letter writing. This change sometimes deviates you from the path of set goals.
At times you change your aim for the reason of financial implications and sometimes situation forces you to change the direction from previous aim to new one. The third force is your desire , competition and hunger for leading ahead of others in the field of life in this greedy world. People change their desires while looking on others what they do. It is good to adopt good qualities and follow the good that you see in others. But unfortunately for the purpose of gaining wealth, fame and name people try to follow bad practices seen among others to attain shortcuts in life to achieve the set goals.
From social point of view, I think it would not be wrong to say that life is the name of joys and sorrows which you go through in the world of hustle and bustle.
The things you miss in the life are those joyful moments which you recall the more, those nice people whom you left or who left you for some compulsive reasons , those customs that had fascinated you the most. The people whether your family members or friends with whom you have had great times and attachments, who had at times given you good advices or some time given you a helping hand , you miss them really a lot in your life.
Life is really an amazing and wonderful experience. Along with the changes in your work places or the fields of work , you go on changing friend circles as well, not because your old friends would not suit you anymore, but because you get less chances to meet them due to changing circumstances of life. Gradually you forget old ones but the unforgettable moments you have had with them never leave you alone. Though you lose your good friends but their pleasant memories remain always with you and never make you feel totally separated from your them. The race in the field of competition changes you a lot , you want to run after the new and advanced things and ways of life for the sake of your name and fame. Even if for that purpose you need to invest more, live more tensed life and use your most of the efforts , you do that. There are very few who want to remain calm by not taking part in the race of competition , they are the people who spent simple but happy life.
Though the simple living people live for their basic needs but they don’t bother about the status of others in terms of wealth and all that. Those people are seen very happy and few in number in present era. Changes may be positive as well as negative, but we have to avoid negative change among us and bring a positive one. So it is a challenge that change needs to be given a proper direction. By using the time purposely and properly, dealing the circumstances wisely and taking the advantage of opportunities in life timely, you smooth the path of success to your destination.

(The author a content writer regularly writes on socio-economic issues. Views are his own)

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