December 20, 2017

IIIM organizes 7th Tree Talk Anniversary

Jammu:  Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine (IIIM), Tuesday organized 7th Tree Talk Anniversary on the theme “Aromatic Tree Diversity, Cultivation and Value Addition” under CSIR’s Aroma Mission” at IIIM Farm Chatha.

Tree talk is an awareness activity which is based on voluntary participation hosted in the outdoors for nature education and conservation.

The theme ‘Tree Diversity, Cultivation and Value Addition’ under CSIR’s Aroma Mission is aimed at boosting cultivation and value-addition of medicinal and aromatic plants for supply to industries related to aroma business and to the traditional system of Indian medicine. Under the Mission, various economically important aromatic cops are being identified and promoted.

On the occasion, the speakers highlighted the importance of organizing the event in raising awareness among the people to get familiar with neighbourhood trees, shrubs, creepers, herbs and other associated Entomo Avian which are helping in regeneration of forests.

They said plants are valuable components of the global biodiversity. Among a large group of the plants many plants are significantly performing their applicability in multifold utility for human beings. They  various plant parts like root, stem, and leaf are useful for specific purposes such as for medicinal value or for propagation. Modified plant parts like Bulb, Tuber, Rhizome, Corm etc. are also registered as useful plant parts for certain species. These structures are found to be useful for propagation as alternative source of the seeds and used for medicinal values.

The speakers  in current scenario there is an urgent need for assessment, regeneration and conservation of these plants, trees for the posterity.

The IIIM is a national Institute of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) of India, with primary focus of research on drug discovery from natural products (medicinal plants and microbial species).

The program was attended by Chief Conservative forests, Dr O.P. Sharma, Chief Scientist Dr Suresh Chandra, former Scientist Y.S. Badi, dignitaries from state administration and students.

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