Elections In Kashmir ….

Muhammad Nayyar Azam

Our valley is unique in every way, let it be its topography, its people,hospitality, beauty, or even when people have to choose their representatives in elections.
This uniqueness of Kashmir makes it” the paradise but disputed one “.
Out of the above mentioned fields, elections here are held in a funny way.
I am presently twenty and have wittiness a no. of elections be it be assembly, parliamentary or local elections . Nowadays campaigning for parliamentary elections is going on in the valley and I as per my own survey can say that no one is willing to participate in these elections. I am from south kashmir’s pulwama district, I think here elections are multiplying the pains and sufferings of common masses. Pulwama nowadays is just like a military garrison where paramilitary forces keep wandering here and there creating havoc and intensifying the chaos among the people. I won’t oppose elections but should be held in a fear free atmosphere not like this way.
Before a month our religious leaders were kept behind the bars. I won’t talk about Hurriyat leaders , they are always ready for going to police lock ups and highly fortified jails but our religious leaders should not have been put into police lock and jails within and outside Kashmir valley . The religious leaders are unarmed people just representing a particular ideology.They are as simple as we are, as common as we are..Why to jail them.!..I fail to understand! Before a week, forces appeared in my home town and arrested at least two dozen common unarmed young boys during nocturnal raids and called it as a routine law and order practice.. It is matter of huge concern that in our Kashmir elections are so dangerous that schools and colleges are closed before a week to hold elections in the so called fair and free atmosphere. Schools should not be closed before weeks as it may affect the carrier of thousands of school/college going students. Few days back, I rang my friend (studying in Government Degree College Pulwama) and asked about his study and well being. He replied,
means “our colleges closed till 7th to ensure smooth and fear free education,”
I replied….”mubark chu” congrats… This is not the way to hold elections…..
Education should not be mixed with these funny electoral processes as our education department is worst hit by these electoral exercises…… If you visit south Kashmir you will see people showing no interest in elections…., why?
The only reason for the public disinterest is that south Kashmir has been changed into a jail by our authorities…..If you want maximum participation in elections, you would have to shun your ego and be friendly with people.., you will have to understand their feelings…Rest is in your choice…

(The author is a student of medical sciences. Views are his own mirnayyarazam@gmail.com)

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