November 1, 2018

Dr Tasaduq: A multi faceted personality

Dr Tassaduq Hussain Itoo, 28 years old Kashmiri doctor is becoming the highest internet sensation these days. Hailing from Posheri Village of South Kashmir’s Anantnag district, Dr Tasaduq a promising doctor by profession wears multiple hats. He also works as a motivational speaker, Life Coach, Activist, Journalist, Prolific Columnist, Teacher and Educator at Unacademy, India’s largest online education platform. His write – ups regularly appear in the edit page columns in leading English dailies in Jammu and Kashmir. He thoroughly focuses on all issues of public concern including social issues, education issues, medical issues, environmental issues, political issues and others. Till now he has around hundred plus articles published in leading English dailies of Kashmir including “Kashmir Horizon” and his writings are being acknowledged and responded immensely from the people of all shades of opinion. His though provoking newspaper columns are attracting huge attraction on social networking sites.
He has become a source of attraction as a public speaker as he often delivers deliver guest lecturers in academic institutions and participates in seminars and workshops conducted frequently in Universities and Colleges .So for he has also won many prestigious award. He has also been invited to popular TV shows on Doordarshan . Being highly passionate in educating and teaching the youth , he also works as an Educator on India’s top most learning platform, much popularly called Unacademy. Unacademy is ranking among the world’s top most online learning platforms.
Recently he was in news for his selection as one of the Top Educators on the platform after he bagged Top Educator 2017 Award. He has thousands of learners and students around the globe on the platform and his video lessons are viewed with huge popularity thereby crossing fifteen-thousand times viewership in ‘Personal Development’ Category. His course lessons have been listed among top courses on Unacademy along with the courses of renowned retired officers including Dr Kiran Bedi – Ex IPS officer, currently Honourable Governor of Puducherry, Dr. Awadhesh Singh- Ex IRS officer and a Top Quora Writer , Dr Roman Saini – Ex IAS officer, Co-founder and Chief educator at Unacademy. Being a motivational speaker, Dr. Tasaduq provides motivational counseling to youth both in gatherings and at individual level. He is inspired by the poetry and Philosophy of Dr Allama Iqbal and is usually offering motivational talks in the light of Allama Iqbal’s manual of success . He believes that Allama Iqbal was a revolutionary poet and his poetry is an inspiration for youth tending to achieve new milestones in their careers and life. “Parwaaz Hai Donun Ki Issi Ek Faza Mein; Kargas Ka Jahan Aur Hai Shaheen Ka Jahan Aur”.

Dr Tasaduq is an iconic inspiration to youth. He believes that there is no dearth of talent in Jammu & Kashmir and it is need of the hour to explore the same.

Dr. Tasaduq works as a great anchoring journalist as well. Being sensitive towards drug addiction he has been writing constantly on such issues. He believes in practical ways of addressing these issues. Recently, he interviewed a Hollywood Actor namely Chris Levine about steroid abuse and became the first doctor from Jammu & Kashmir to interview any Hollywood personality. The interview was published largely in international publications .The entire Hollywood Industry acknowledged the interview and uses it as an awareness tool to address steroid abuse at global level. One of the stories from London Levine Pictures Hollywood Film Industry reads “Our lead Actor Chris Levine was interviewed by a well- known doctor in India about Steroids, his struggle with them and how it turned into the movie inspired by it”
He has also been doing great service to the society as a Social Activist and RTI Activist. He is also a cordial member of Jammu & Kashmir RTI Movement. He attended many RTI workshops and bagged certificates of appreciation.
Dr Tasaduq is an iconic inspiration to youth. He believes that there is no dearth of talent in Jammu & Kashmir and it is need of the hour to explore the same. He believes that firm determination, hard work, passion, enthusiasm, competence and confidence are the keys to success in any field.
(The author is a freelancer. Views are his own)

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