Wed. May 22nd, 2019

Kashmir is in the season of summer “in terms of bloodshed”

The bloodbath which happened in Shopain this month in which we lost a dozens of human lives is very unfortunate. However living in a conflict zone one has to go through the situation like that. It is human nature that no one wants to see anyone being killed at anywhere in the world, but, deadly occupation in various places of the world is least bothered about it. The pain and agony we feel at the time when we heard about the bloodbath of Shopain, it melted our heart and our eyes become moist.
From past couple of months Shopain has been in the news, not for the happiness on which we could give them a round of applause but, the fact is “it is only because of bloodbath”. Kashmir is in the season of summer “in terms of bloodshed”. Spring’s blossom and greenish environment was hoping to see the atmosphere of peace however when there care takers are mourning they too are feeling the pain of human loss. Loss of lives is irreplaceable, the grieving mothers from Afghanistan to Kashmir’s Shopain district is saddening and runs deep in the hearts of them, and lefts a hole there. The grieving hole cannot be go away till the last breath; the grieving mothers are questioning us, what is going to happen next…When will this bloodshed end in this valley, when are we going to see the dawn and dusk of free life. Beheading of people is the new tragedy which stuck us recently. How can human beings such a wild. The pain, agony and the sufferings through the people of Kashmir are going is unabated.

Tujh ko kitnoun ka lahoo chahiya aei arz-e-wattan,Jo tere aariz-e-berang ko gulnar kare, kitney aahoon say kaleyja tera thanda ho ga, kitney aansoo teray sehraaon ko gulzaar kardein.

We appeal both the countries to come forward and have talks with the first party [Kashmir leadership] and have a long and everlasting solution to this issue. This is not the issue of employment or anything else but and it the issue of Right to self-determination. How long will I have to give shoulder to the coffins of my colleagues, other Kashmiri Bothers? Please have end to this violence, terrorism and impunity of killing people.

(Author is freelancer writer, and former spokesperson of All J&K Students Union-AJKSU. Views are his own)


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