November 9, 2017

Wear your failures as a badge of honour

“Failure taught me everything I need to know about success.” We listen to such quotes all the time, listening to the most successful people on earth. Stories of recent dollars, sleeping in cars or moments of uncertainty that circulated around him just before the “Execution”. In conclusion, most of those who have accomplished great things have had to overcome several obstacles in their journey.
Can you think of something that was not? Does failure cause failure? In the world we live in, we listen to leaders who tell us about their weaknesses, their ideas that have crashed and burned, and we see comfort in these stories. But then we continue our days and we continue to see those around us who do not succeed, since some lepers can not contribute.
Although, of course, you should never generalize, consider this question. When is the latest business or project unsuccessful a key reason why someone can hire you for a new project? Maybe you are the one who has overcome this failure, but I will hold the gun and say that most people do not want to hear about their failures and are not interested in how they can learn from a past failure that can be a catalyst for the success. in the future. . (Although it should be)
Example:Have you ever experienced a famous interview? Describe your biggest weaknesses? How did you answer this question? Let me guess, did you tell them that you are a worker-holi, or that you make others look bad? Did you tell them how hard you are, are you a perfectionist? If failure was a sign of honor, why would anyone feel the need to answer this question in the film, for example, trying to be tough or a perfectionist? Come on! If the failure was perceived as a kind of value, the reaction may be more similar, I understood that I am excellent at working with the client, but it is really difficult to continue with my administrative work. Also, I definitely sell, not operations. But people would never say that because it would mean weakness or ehem, failure. But we say things because people do not really want to hear our weaknesses. These are failures and we are successful; Or at least that’s the story we chose / need to say.

The list of great defeats that have been a great success is as long as the list of great successes. As Churchill said, “Success is not final, and failure is not fatal,” remember that and go on!

Really learning from the shock. Do you want to know the difference between a big flaw and a great person who did not pass the exam? It is not ambiguous in the response of the person to this event. More precisely… What. He did. Your. Find out what will help you in the future? This is not a new idea, but let’s say that ideas are much less problematic than execution. For every bad idea that fails, there are many good ones that break with it. But the execution does not exist.
If the execution was really a critical point, the exact definition of where the error was made and how to correct it next time may be the difference in success the next time. Carrying a crash as a badge of honor. Sundar Pichai or Mukesh Ambhani can easily find themselves in front of the crowd and talk about their loses. How about Narendra Modi on a lot of bankruptcies? For these types of people we do not stand trial, we just look at what they have achieved, and we reject what they have not done. But if you really think about it, besides putting one leg trousers, most of us have little to do with these “Titan Industries,” except that we all failed. And you know what? Fine.
Here’s what’s not right. Pretending or ignoring the lessons of our imperfections. Apart from a bit of luck, the reasons why the great one has become great, and the rest remain calm, are that the great ones learn from their mistakes. In fact, they learn from everything. It is connected to their essence to be relentless in pursuit of their goals. However, like you and me, they all had a lot in common.
We learn so much about who we are when things are not going well. This is an opportunity for introspection in a way that we will never see in times of prosperity. We need to maximize this time, trying to make the most of it. Our failures are not real failures, they are all part of the journey and lessons should be a catalyst for greater success and a badge or honor for our being. We come here because we came from there … wherever it may be.
But be proud of your failures, take time to study and grow up and be better next time.
The list of great defeats that have been a great success is as long as the list of great successes. As Churchill said, “Success is not final, and failure is not fatal,” remember that and go on!

(The author is currently pursuing M.Tech in VLSI Design & Embedded Systems at Visveswaraya Technological University. His views are personal)


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